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Cellufit Action

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What is Cellulite
is new with svartkummin, extracts of aronia, pepper and choline which supports the body's metabolism of fat cells. Helps to combat cellulite from the inside. Can be purchased at health diet.

Grapeseed Oil

Here, for example, Intensive Cream Grape Seed Oil, a hydrating body lotion with Grapeseed Oil and active substances from sandelträdsfrukt that makes the skin noticeably smoother and more even. Massaged in a circular motion on the exposed area, preferably morning and evening. Can be purchased at health diet.

Birch leaves

For example, Birch Cellulite Oil is a wonderful body oil with extract of organic Birch leaves, Rosemary and stickmyrten as in regular use to reduce cellulite and make skin firmer. Massaged into damp skin twice a day for four weeks, then once a day. Available in well-stocked convenience stores as well as at health diet.

7. Put down all tobacco!

Smoking and snus impairs blood circulation. Do you have cellulite, you are in need of the opposite. Remember, tobacco kills — and contribute only effective to make the skin more oelastiskt.

8. Stop bugging – and start to breathe!

It is said that the stress and nervousness can be a breeding ground for cellulite, so be sure to do yoga or relaxation from time to time.
Stress makes rarely — almost never – no use. Remember that, and end up simply to rush. And if you still "must" rush, see at least to breathe right. This reduces cortisol, which is one of the main toxins in the body.

Massage, brush and scrub!

Make sure to get your blood circulation. Start massaging (heavily in circles until the skin turns red), Peel, scrub and dry brush your skin's vulnerable areas. Even lying on the bed of nails on a regular basis is said to increase the blood supply and help prevent waste accumulation. Further more info visit Truth About Cellulite

Mask the pits with color

You'll just get some color on the legs is the bumpy skin less marked. Lubricate the legs with sunless tanning and use a skin lotion with a little shimmer will impression but the skin looks more flexible out.

Detox-detoxify your body!

When you detoxar you usually lose not only weight but cleanses the body of toxins, which claimed to be a great villain behind the appearance of cellulite. Running like a detoxprogram — and feel free to run at least a week – but be aware that it takes longer than that to get rid of all the waste products your body accumulates over a lifetime.

Adds B-vitamins, sulfur and antioxidants

The nutrition that is primarily needed is B-vitamins, sulfur and antioxidants then these are the nutrients that support the liver's detoxification stages. Even with a complete mineral complex for detoxification and for good skin and tissue recovery.

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